LHannah/Gold Communications was founded in 1991 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to meet the needs of a small, regional hospital for its writing/editing and communication activities. That first professional assignment was to write paragraphs of sympathy sentiment for the CEO to draw on for his letters to staff members who had lost a loved one! And it blossomed into a multi-year relationship across the healthcare system.

Since then Cheri Bales and Hannah/Gold Communications have helped small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions meet their total marketing needs with The Five-Step Marketing Strategy that WORKS! Past clients include small business, nonprofits, educational institutions and others who need help with marketing from a marketing professional.

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Marketing Resources

I can help you at any stage of your business, from startup to sale. Learn how to strategically plan and implement your marketing activities – with help from a pro! I specialize in Google (anything), Constant Contact, social media strategy, business planning and SEO optimization. Take a look at some of these recorded webinars on popular topics and let me know if you want to know more about any subject.