14 Day Marketing Challenge

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I got the hairbrained idea for the 14 Day Marketing Challenge while watching a SCORE promoted webinar. I spend hours and hours each week actually DOING marketing, but I also spend hours each week GIVING that marketing information away! So how can I do that on a larger scale and maybe help way more folks; outside of SCORE.

As a certified SCORE mentor, I have the chance to coach startups, growing and scaling businesses, and even those who learn they shouldn’t have started a business…just yet. And the one question that ALWAYS comes up is “What marketing should we do?” Regardless of your industry or niche, marketing probably is going to be important to the success of your business. 

So doesn’t it make sense to learn about it whenever you can?

That’s what I’ve been doing. Besides practicing, I spend several hours each week learning…and teaching on topics related to marketing. And you know what? It’s a fun gig. I LOVE to talk about marketing and it’s the rare day when I get to spout off to someone who shares my excitement. 

Thus, The 14 Day Marketing Challenge was born.

I don’t know if you’ll find anything new (I HOPE you will), or if you’ll agree with what I have to say, or, worse, you’ll find errors or outdated information in my materials (every teacher’s fear). If so, chime in! Many of you in this group are marketers in your respective industries, and you know what works for you and what doesn’t.

In addition to the daily Challenge, you’ll find hyperlinks to resources and a link to download even more great materials I somehow accumulate each year on marketing and social media.

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-Cheri Bales