There is a direct correlation between nonverbal behaviors and sales!

It’s not hocus pocus! Monitoring your own and others’ nonverbal behaviors in sales encounters can influence your earnings!

In almost any industry you can think of! How do you know when the buying decision takes place? How can you use your best persuasion skills to close the deal? This small- or large-group session gives you tips and knowledge to out-perform the crowd using your “secret weapon.” This session is suitable for small groups of 4-6. Email Cheri today to learn more!

How can I help you?

I am a 30-year veteran of the marketing and communications community.

My contribution to SCORE lies in my experiences in marketing and social and digital media strategy across small business, nonprofit, and educational clients. I regularly present workshops on social media management and organize our capstone event, Entrepreneurship Day for SCORE SW Michigan.

Marketing strategies that work

We have helped small businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions meet their total marketing needs with a Five-Step Marketing Strategy that works.

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