Why do Small Businesses NEED Facebook?

Well, technically, you don’t. As long as you’re not in business and don’t like to make money. But if that’s not you, and you think (even suspect) that you’re missing out on the Facebook ship…you’re probably right. Everyone’s doing it…but not everyone is doing it WELL! That’s where I can help.

I’ll bring my 30 years of marketing (and 12 years of FB) experience to your table and answer all your questions and more. I can show your staff how to be more effective at engaging users on your Page. I can tell you how to determine if your efforts are working. Best of all, I’ll tell you everything you CAN’T do on FB so you’ll avoid what we lovingly call “Facebook Jail.”

So, yep, if you have a small (or any size for that matter) business that doesn’t have a social media presence, you are falling behind your competitors who do! At the very least start with Facebook and see what it can do for you!

This customized session will convince you and your staff to get started with FB to for lead generation and increased ROI. Click Contact Us, or call 269-341-3786 today for details.