Business and Marketing Consulting

Is your business using marketing to its fullest capacity? Are you doing one thing right? Or several things “as best you can?” Marketing is hard. It’s time consuming, and it can work really well…or not. Let us talk you through the bumps with data, case studies, and practices honed over 30 years in the industry. From your business plan, to a final campaign evaluation, we’ll tell you how to achieve the goals you desire.

  • Business plans, market research, branding.
  • Business development
  • Business to business strategy
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Communication training
  • Digital media audits
  • Email marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Internet marketing services 
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Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Fine tune your marketing strategy with help from HGC. How should you spend your marketing budget for the biggest bang? Let us help write your short- and long-term marketing plans and guide you to a successful marketing mix.

What marketing channels do you need to use to make your business stand out from your competitors? We’ll work one-on-one with you to generate a solid, impactful marketing plan that you can use to implement powerful marketing methods.

Social Media

If your business isn’t on Facebook, you’re missing the boat. Ditto, Google My Business. But those aren’t the only games in town. And if you’re not using them consistently (or correctly) you could be doing more harm than good to your product’s brand. A good social post is an art and scheduling is key. Let us take a look at your social media mix and see what opportunities are there.

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Personal & Group Training

Draw from my 20 years of teaching experience and let ME teach your team how to market! I can help with everything from group communication to crisis management. Knowing how and what to do will save your business both time and money. Stop guessing what the right combination is; learn from a specialist.

From one to 100 or more, I will facilitate and deliver training for your team in:

Intro to Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Learn how to tackle social media with this broad overview where we talk about things like: Defining social versus digital media; Target audience selection; Branding; Social and digital media tools and channels; Measuring return on investment and Using an editorial content calendar. It is about putting the right product or service—or a combination thereof—in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. We’ll decide, together, which tools are right for your business and answer some common questions:

  • Why is Facebook such a valuable tool to businesses?
  • Do I have to advertise on google for my small retail business?
  • How do I know if people are finding me in search results?
  • How much is too much (or too little)?
  • Who’s going to do it all?
  • What will it cost?

Marketing 201 for Small Businesses

This is a more strategic and hands-on session than Intro to SM (above). Dig into keywords, SEO, localization and more great internet buzzwords. This is perfect for businesses who have things “set up” but either didn’t do it themselves, or don’t know what to do with it now!

  • Identify the most relevant (to you) social media platforms
  • Determine how to brand and populate each site
  • Verify sites
  • Select SEO and usernames to maximize search engine results
  • Standardize NAP
  • Draft Facebook and Google Ads
  • Google My Business
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Choosing the Right Marketing Media Mix for Your Business

Can’t decide if you really need to be on 17 social channels? Tired of trying to keep all 17 fresh and exciting? Maybe you don’t need to. In this workshop, we take a closer look at the available…and the appropriate social media channels your business needs.

  • Examine popular social channels
  • Define users for social channels
  • Define YOUR target audience
  • Discuss Facebook versus “the other guys”
  • Explore posts engagement and organic growth
  • Discuss ads and boosts
  • Examine analytics

Unmasking Social Marketing Strategy - Getting the Most Value From Your Marketing Strategy

It’s not hard. It’s time consuming and getting up to speed on the new and ever changing world of social media may be intimidating. Work smarter not harder with the tools provided in this session.

  • Examine social and digital media tools
  • Discuss channels included in multi-channel marketing plan
  • Determine differences between B2B and B2C marketing
  • Look at SEO integration on social
  • Look at Boosting versus Paid Ads
  • Determine key analytics
  • Explain how to measure ROI
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Preparing a Marketing Strategy for Your Business

This workshop prepares you to take your marketing efforts to the next, strategic level. If you’re doing what you’re doing because someone told you to, and not because you’ve spent the time and effort to map out a strategy, you could use this session. Learn how to use the science behind marketing to motivate buyers and concentrate your efforts where they matter most.

  • Define marketing and the marketing plan
  • Discuss the 5 Step Marketing Strategy
  • Examine market analysis
  • Practice writing a marketing plan
  • Forecast for marketing implementation and expense
  • Conduct primary or secondary market research
  • Discover your “special sauce” or competitive advantage
  • Examine brand and voice and messaging.

Using Facebook for Promoting Your Business

It’s a necessity these days – to be not only FOUND, but VERIFIED on FB. And it’s so much more than just a platform for posts. Are you using an effective Call to Action? Does Facebook send referrals to your website? Do you hold events? Until we hear otherwise, you should plan to be on Facebook; we can help!

  • How to write a social media plan
  • How to draw attention to posts
  • Best content: personal, sales, video, informational, pictures
  • Examples of how to schedule posts
  • Boosting versus Ads
  • Facebook Jobs
  • FB Messenger
  • Measuring ROI
  • Ad spends and Insights.
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How to Use the Sales/Marketing Funnel for Your Business

There’s a definite process people follow when making the buying decision. In this workshop, we’ll look at each level of the funnel and give examples of what tools work best at what level of the funnel. If you’re pushing too hard at the top (or not hard enough at the bottom) you’re missing opportunities. We’ll discuss appropriate tools for managing the customer journey from the top of funnel awareness to the bottom of funnel advocacy.

  • What is a funnel?
  • The customer journey through the funnel
  • Messages and tactics useful at each level of the funnel
  • Find where in the funnel your customers are
  • Define advocacy and influencers
  • Evaluate results
  • B2B funnels

The Nonprofit Donation (Sales) Funnel

The decision to give, financially, is motivated by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – the highest level need being the philanthropic desire. Nonprofits aren’t excluded from strategic marketing to reach their target audiences! In this workshop, we’ll look at each level of the funnel. We’ll discuss appropriate tools for managing the customer journey from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel – donating!

  • What’s  a funnel?
  • What’s the donor journey through the funnel like?
  • What messaging and tactics are useful at each level of the funnel?
  • Where in the funnel are your donors?
  • What is advocacy and loyalty?
  • How do I measure ROI? 

Custom training designed for your specific needs and team members. Just getting started? I can help. Been in the business for a good long while and just need to get up-to-speed on some new channels? I can help. Bring me your business needs and let’s talk!

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