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14 Day Marketing Challenge & Webinar Trainings

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Day 1 Challenge: Define Your Marketing Goals

Sprout Social SMART-Goals-Chart.pdf



Day 2 Challenge: Determine Your Target Audience(s)

Cheri Bales, Hannah/Gold Communications, The 5 Step Marketing Strategy EBook


Day 3 Challenge: Plan Your Approach

Constant Contact, 2020 Online Marketing Calendar


Day 4 Challenge: Craft Your Messaging

Hubspot, Social Media Image Sizes Template


Day 5 Challenge: Evaluate Your Results

LinkedIn_Amber Naslund_Measuring_ROI


Day 6 Challenge: Local Listings, and Search Results

Deluxe Corp., Search-Engine-Optimization-and-Marketing-eBook


Day 7 Challenge: Does Google Love Your Business?

Hubspot, 22 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2019


Day 8 Challenge: Nonprofit Marketing Solutions

Constant Contact Making Sense of Online Marketing for Your Nonprofit Organization


Day 9 Challenge: Are You Doing TOO MUCH Marketing?

SCORE Marketing Cookbook for Small Business


Day 10 Challenge: Email Marketing

 Deluxe Corp., Using email to drive revenue for your small business

Day 11 Challenge: Branding Your Business


Day 12 Challenge: Facebook Ads versus Boosts

Deluxe Corp., Jessica_Pisano_-_Guide_to_Advertising_on_Facebook_15197407036242165


Day 13 Challenge: B2B on LinkedIn

Salesforce, Complete Guide to Social Media for B2B Marketers

B2B Social-Media-White-Paper-Microsoft-Advertising


Day 14 Challenge: Analytics

Altimeter, Determining ROI-of-social-media




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