Essentials of Facebook

Facebook is the way to start

The social media world is overwhelming and many small businesses are fearful of starting sites and making mistakes, but there’s really no way to avoid a couple of social media faux pas.

Facebook is the tool most small businesses choose to start with. Someone in your organization has a Facebook account. That’s all you need to start a Facebook Business Page.

  1. Small businesses can benefit from the free exposure available on a Facebook Page or can extend the reach of their message with inexpensive advertising.

  2. To build your page, you first have to make “friends” with others in your business and personal network. You can then invite them to “Like” your Page.

  3. Employers report that Facebook and LinkedIn are the first to places they go to check on an applicant. Maintain professional sites at all times; you never know who’s looking!

  4. You can post interesting news, links to videos and stories, and photographs to your Fan Page. Facebook research shows that posts with videos or images are the most “Liked” types of posts.

  5. Be sure to complete the entire profile information section so potential clients can find you off-line. Make sure the Page name is the exact name of your business (or as close as you can get). Name, address, and phone number MUST be consistent across all platforms.

  6. Use professionally designed profile and cover photos. Party pics (unless you’re an event planner), don’t belong on most Business Pages. Instead, post inspirational, humorous, touching, funny, or critical information for the most engaged fans.

  7. If you haven’t already, consider using Facebook Ads to create a call to action to drive customers to your website or lead generator page. Boosts will help you reach your own small audience, but to reach a specific targeted audience, you want to use an ad.

  8. Groups are a big push on Facebook right now! Join groups as yourself or (some) as your business! Find ways to contribute to the group without promoting your business, except when allowed. If you cant find a group to suit your business, think about creating one. Groups are the “family reunion” of social media.

So, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge into social media, take heart. You’re not behind the times, just jumping in during the peak performance time for Facebook. It’s only going to grow and you want to be a part of it as soon as possible.

Look at my Facebook Page for examples of how to get started: