DIY Marketing for Small Businesses (With a Little Help)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by marketing for your small business?

That’s a challenge I see frequently among small business owners and…

  1. It’s likely costing you money.
  2. It’s often costing you peace of mind.
  3. It’s something you all need…

But there’s help on the way!

I’m talking about MARKETING (all caps because it’s a scary word). In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever for small businesses to have a strong online presence and effective marketing strategies. However, we understand that small businesses often have limited budgets and resources.

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve heard from 3 potential clients who (choose any 2): 1) paid someone to set up everything on social, web, google, etc. for them; 2) now the small business cannot maintain the monthly hosting and maintenance or SMM fees; 3) so they hire a freelancer; 4) who is copying and pasting from their website; 5) and they have no idea how to either fix it or tell their staff/agency how to fix it. 

Some small businesses are “marketing confined” by a lack of resources (human or financial) and one way to help with that is to do more of the work yourself! With my guidance, of course!

Many of the best practices that could have been applied originally still may be edited to suit, i.e, need a CTA for a blog? Add it; I’ll show you how. Don’t know what a google business page is (or how much it can do for you?) I do and I can teach you.

Our Solution for Small Biz Marketing

Hannah/Gold Communications (and Cheri Bales) is launching a new on-demand, hourly online live training program – yet to be branded – that provides you the flexibility and affordability you need to train your staff or yourself on the latest marketing tools and techniques. Learning sessions are available by the hour, so you pick and choose the topics that are most relevant to your business needs and budget. Schedule one or weekly!

Benefits of Learning Together

  • Affordable: Our hourly pricing model makes it easy for small businesses to afford marketing training.
  • Flexible: Train your staff on their own schedule, from the comfort of their own office.
  • On-demand: Get the training you need, when you need it. No need to wait for a scheduled class and each session is recorded and downloadable for future viewing.
  • Expert-led: Our programs are led by experienced marketing professionals who will provide you with the latest insights and best practices and show you how to implement them yourself.
  • Live instruction: Get your questions answered in real time.

Live Training Topics

We offer a variety of course topics to cover all aspects of your online marketing strategy, including:

  1. Master Social Media: Learn to craft engaging posts with clear calls to action (CTAs) and perfect links for Facebook, Meta (Business Suite), LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  2. Become a Google Business Profile Guru: Get listed and ranked in local searches! We’ll show you how to optimize your profile for maximum visibility.
  3. Simplify Google Ads: Worried about managing your own ads? We can teach you the ropes and keep your campaigns on track.
  4. Email Marketing for Service Businesses: Master email marketing with Constant Contact and Eventbrite. Stay top-of-mind with regular communication and learn to track and remarket to event attendees.
  5. Write Like a Pro with AI: Discover how to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write compelling blog posts in just 15 minutes. It’s fast and fun!
  6. Craft a Personalized Marketing Plan: Not seeing the results you want? We’ll guide you through creating a data-driven marketing strategy to boost your sales.
  7. Make Data-Driven Decisions: Learn to analyze your marketing efforts. Discover what works, what doesn’t, and leverage insights to optimize your campaigns.
  8. Website Tune-Up for Better Rankings: We’ll show you how to ensure your website has proper headers and content to improve your Google ranking.
  9. If you don’t see what you need, just ask!

Why Hannah/Gold and Cheri Bales?

  • Our 30+ years in Marketing
  • Agency, academia, nonprofit, and small business experience
  • Grow with Google High Impact Partner
  • Data Analytics Certificate 
  • LinkedIn Advisor
  • Constant Contact Certified Partner
  • National Presenter on Marketing Strategy/Google/Email Marketing
  • Small Business Volunteer Mentor

Next Steps

I’d love to discuss your specific needs in a free 30 minute call and develop a customized training program for your business based on your needs. Please contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

P.S. In addition to the online training program, we also offer a variety of other marketing strategy and implementation services to help you grow your business. Please visit our website to learn more.

Here’s the fine print.

    1. Hourly Training Rates: Start at $150 per hour. Please inquire about customized packages and bulk discounts.

    1. Nonprofit Discount: We offer a special discount for registered nonprofit organizations. Please contact us for details.

    1. Platform: Sessions are conducted live on Zoom, which requires a free account for participants.

    1. Recordings: All sessions are recorded and provided to participants as downloadable files for future reference.

    1. Follow-Up Questions: We encourage follow-up questions! You can submit them after the session or schedule a brief follow-up call.

    1. 4 hour cancellation window with no fee

    1. Program content is for educational purpose only and doesn’t constitute any guarantee of performance

    1. Privacy Policy:

If you like to talk marketing, I’m here to help! Click to schedule a free 30 minute call to look over your tools and strategy and measure your performance against your goals. Let’s see what we can do together!

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