projectsLinkedIn Endorsements

Comments and testimonials your connections post on your LinkedIn profile.

Endorsements and skill endorsements can serve as references and third-party recommendations from others, so it’s a good idea to ask satisfied customers or co-workers to endorse you on your page. Then organize those endorsements by position.

  1. Build your LinkedIn profile by uploading your resume or CV to automatically populate some of the site. Make sure you use a photo since your credibility as a connections drops when there is no photo on your site!

  2. Connect to co-workers and clients on LinkedIn. Go down your client list first, then broaden your search to those people known as “2nd Connections”…connections to people you are connected to.
  3. Provide endorsements for your coworkers and clients to open the door to asking for an endorsement. Compliment others on their accomplishments and they will return the favor.

  4. Skill endorsements are a one-click way to compliment your 1st connections. You don’t need to ask for a skill endorsement to receive one. You also can add your own skills to this section, but are limited as to how many.

  5. Each time you open LinkedIn, look for a request to provide endorsements to others in your network. A window will pop up that says, “Does (Bill) know about public speaking? You can click yes to endorse that person for that skill.

    For more ideas, look me up on LinkedIn or email Hannah/Gold Communications or call (269) 341-3786.