Is Your Business Ready for the Next Crisis?

It’s crunch time. Something terrible has happened and you’re the only one available to turn to.

What’s your first step?

Who are your partners?

How do you prioritize your organization’s communication needs to maximize positive exposure (in the case of a product failure) or readily communicate critical messages to the masses?

In this one-on-one or group training, you’ll learn how to best manage your communication channels during times of crisis. In today’s crowdsourced media coverage, you’ve got to be at the top of your game when troubles hit.

Is your crisis communication plan ready to roll at a moment’s notice?  Find out how to make a plan and prepare to implement it including:

  • First steps
  • Assessing the Issue
  • Identifying Partners
  • Messaging
  • Reaching the Public
  • Addressing Legal and Governmental Resources
  • Image Repair

This critically important training will provide your small business with a roadmap to navigate trying times – no matter the reason.