The 5 Step Marketing Strategy: Taking the Pressure Off Busy Marketers

Marketing is a necessary evil. When P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” he was talking about the target audience for marketing! You have to follow a road map to get where you need to go and marketing is much the same process. Trying to do everything, on a whim, is not only […]

Twitter Basics

Tweeting with Twitter Twitter is another very popular tool for first-time social media users. It’s easy to set up an account and the brevity of the posts makes it quicker for first-time social media managers. Twitter communicates via Tweets—short (280 character) messages, often with a link to a longer, more detailed site for more information. […]

6 Reasons Women Should Learn to Golf

According to the National Golf Foundation, about 25% of golfers are women. Which, by default leaves 75% of golfers as men. As long as there has been golf, there have been “country club deals.” Deals or negotiations were made during a friendly (or not so friendly in some cases) round of golf. Names were dropped […]

Use LinkedIn Endorsements to Boost Your Credentials

LinkedIn Endorsements come in the form of testimonials from your connections posted on your LinkedIn profile. Endorsements and skill endorsements can serve as references and third-party recommendations from others, so it’s a good idea to ask satisfied customers or co-workers to endorse you on your page. Then organize those endorsements by position. Endorsements and skill […]