Groupwork ISN’T Easy. You CAN be Successful in Groups.

It’s no secret that working in groups is hard. Remember college? There’s always that one person who isn’t doing the job you think they should be, but what can you do? And the squabbles over territory or resources? Don’t get me started. The proven and tried and true leadership techniques in this session will demonstrate […]

Is Your Business Ready for the Next Crisis?

How do you prioritize your organization’s communication needs to maximize positive exposure (in the case of a product failure) or readily communicate critical messages to the masses?

There is a direct correlation between nonverbal behaviors and sales!

It’s not hocus pocus! Monitoring your own and others’ nonverbal behaviors in sales encounters can influence your earnings! In almost any industry you can think of! How do you know when the buying decision takes place? How can you use your best persuasion skills to close the deal? This small- or large-group session gives you […]

Why do Small Businesses NEED Facebook?

Well, technically, you don’t. As long as you’re not in business and don’t like to make money. But if that’s not you, and you think (even suspect) that you’re missing out on the Facebook ship…you’re probably right. Everyone’s doing it…but not everyone is doing it WELL! That’s where I can help. I’ll bring my 30 […]

FREE 30-minute Marketing Audit!

Find out IF and HOW your marketing game is working compared to other small businesses. Because you want to get the most out of your marketing dollar, digital and social media marketing channels are a critical part of your marketing mix. Schedule a call today to get your FREE review and analysis of up to […]